I wrote this early last week sitting at departure gate D24 in the Miami airport waiting to complete my and Samuel’s trip back to Haiti. Tracey and Leyson will be following us in a few weeks.
The departure gate is a little bit North American and a lot Haitian. People around me are speaking English, Creole or French – softly to each other or loudly into their cell phones; connecting with friends in the US, confirming travel plans with people in Haiti or making friends with people they have just met.
This is like our life right now – somewhere between Canada and Haiti.
We have finished up our 3 plus months of home service in Canada and the time has come to now transition back to Haiti; to move away from our family and friends and the conveniences that come from living in southern Ontario and to move back to Haiti, our home for this time in our lives.
The last few months have been busy for the entire family. Larry was able to make visits to most of our supporting churches and connect with individual supporters. Along with Sunday visits to churches he also had the opportunity to share with other ministries or the leadership in most of the churches. He also made the most of his time in Ontario meeting with several people either connected to organizations he works with in Haiti or making connections with people he hopes to work with in the future.
As a family we were able to have a little downtime to spend time with either just the younger kids or all our children, visit other family members, celebrate many birthdays, or visit some touristy type places.    

Balancing between two ‘worlds’ and feeling the tug in both directions is hard, yet knowing that the work God called us to in Haiti is not yet complete we also know that heading onto this next flight is the path we need to take.

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