Home Service Time

It’s April and we are in Ontario Canada! We arrived back here on April 9th for a 3.5 month time of home service.

Our home base for this time is in Hamilton, Ontario. We decided to locate here for several reasons. The biggest reason is that this has allowed Samuel to return to the school he went to before we moved to Haiti, a chance to spend time with missed friends and not have to start in another new environment. Secondly Hamilton is a central spot around which our supporting churches are located. Finally it is close to the CRWM offices in Burlington.

This will be a busy time for our family. Larry, in addition to continuing some of the work he does in Haiti, will be spending most of his time crisscrossing southern Ontario connecting with supporting churches and individuals. Not only will he be sharing and participating in Sunday church services but CRWM requires its missionaries to spend several days to a week with each church and meet with any other group that would like to receive him. He has 13 weeks to connect with 19 churches and many individuals along the way. Tracey will be remaining home (not traveling much with Larry) with Samuel and Leyson in an effort to maintain routine and stability for the children.

Besides the visiting that will happen, our second priority while in Ontario is to spend lots of time with our older children.

The next few months will be challenging; lots of work and lots of time spend apart from each other. We ask for your prayers for our family during this time.

If you are in southern Ontario Larry would love the opportunity to connect with you! If you would like to talk with him or plan a visit please call (905)-921-1160 or email him at lluth@crcna.org .

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