He has no idea what tomorrow holds

He has no reason to believe his life is going to change. Today his life is the same as yesterday and the day before that. Sure some days are a little different than others but generally life is the same. Same bed, same care givers (and multitudes of strangers in and out) same food, same sounds, same smells, same friends, same toys, same, same, same.

Aug 15 cTomorrow we are going to pick Leyson up to bring home with us and all that will change and he is not prepared for that. As happy as we are to finally take him with us our hearts also break for him.

We have spent the past 27 months preparing for this. We have dreamed, we have planned, we have purchased, we have decorated, we have thought, we have smiled, we have cried, we have questioned our sanity, we have worried and we have had time to process our thoughts.

But he has not. He has just lived life as it came. He will have no choice and he has no idea what is coming and how his life will change.

Tracey recently wrote this in a note to friends and colleagues
“While we are insanely happy to have reached this point we are not naïve to think it will likely be a happy time for him.  He will be losing all the important people in his life to date.  He will lose the culture of an orphanage and be dropping into what we all understand to be ‘home’. He will be traumatized again.  He will feel intense fear and grief.  Add the challenge of his age and inability to verbalize those feelings and we are already aching over the pain we know he is going to experience.”

How do you tell a 2 ½ year old that? How do you prepare him for this? You can’t.

Adoption is stressful, adoption is painful, and adoption is not natural.

We are thankful God has brought Leyson into our family and we are thrilled that tomorrow after many, many months of filing papers, waiting and short visits with him he is finally coming home but the coming months are not going to be easy.

We know that…
..he will be frightened
..he will act out
..he will fight the natural order of parents being the ones in control


We also know that…
..kids are resilient
..with hard work bonds can grow
..we are prepared as we can be (and a bit scared)
..he will have a dotting big brother looking out for him (and a sister, brother and brother-  in-law who can’t wait to spend time with him)
..many people are praying for us and with us

And we trust God that…
..there is a reason He prompted Tracey to stop in for a visit at GLA more than 2 years ago so she could meet this little guy and so begin the process of his adoption

..God loves Leyson, has watched over and blessed him in his life so far and that will not change during this transition and in his future

..He has a plan for our family with Leyson as part of it and we look forward with anticipation for what that will look like and what He will do

7 thoughts on “He has no idea what tomorrow holds

  1. So glad to hear Leyson is coming home…….he will know the love your family has to offer and together you will all learn and grow 🙂

  2. Wow! Great news! God bless you as you anticipate Leyson to come into your home for good! Indeed, he will experience some trauma but most of all he will experience your love. love conquers all, even for this small tyke! Lainey

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Thanks so much for sharing Larry and we wish you God’s blessing as your family goes through this exciting but also challenging time.

  4. Hi! I just learned from your mom that Leyson is home with ! PTL! I learned you might be busy! But you are good parents so that helps! Bonne Chance! LR

    Sent from my iPad

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