Thanksgiving 2013

I love fall in Ontario and have some really good memories of Thanksgiving back on the farm in Burgessville Ontario. By the middle of October the nights were getting cooler, the corn was hardening off and maybe ready for picking by then so part of the weekend might be spent helping empty the bin wagons into the corn crib. This time of the year was extra busy as we celebrated 2 family birthdays and an anniversary.

In Haiti the last month has turned cooler but fall colours and frost are things we will not experience here. The influence of American holidays is stronger in our office so in Haiti this thanksgiving weekend for us Canadians could fly right by if we didn’t make an effort to stop and give thanks.

We did just that inviting Tracey’s sister and 2 wonderful Canadian families to a thanksgiving meal at our house today to celebrate our Canadian-ness and to reflect on the things we are thankful for. Turkey, stuffing and cheesecake aside as family we are thankful for;
– good health and safety here in Haiti
– the opportunities we have had to travel back to Canada and spend time with our older  children
– the prayers of our families and friends
– being able to visit with youngest son
– those who support the work of CRWM Haiti and us financially
– this opportunity to live and work in this country among some wonderful and interesting people

This list could go on and on but how about you?
Canadian or not what are you thankful for?

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good
His love endures forever
Psalm 107:1

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