It is Getting Hot Hot Hot

When we talk to people about Haiti they seem to ask the same questions;

How are you doing there?
What exactly do you do there?
Do you feel safe?
What is it like?

and the number one question is:

Is it hot there?     or a reasonable facsimile of that question.

The short answer is yes it is hot in Haiti. Take a look at a map. Haiti is in the Caribbean at about 19 degrees north. The sun shines over 70% of the time and the average temperature is 31 in the cool wet season and 35 in the hot dry season not taking into consideration the humidity.

We arrived in Haiti in October last year right as the hotter dry season was ending and the cooler rainy season and as the days moved through December into January we could feel that it was generally cooler but still warm. Now over the last few months we are noticing it is getting hotter.

In our family here we deal with heat differently. Tracey hates the cold weather but doesn’t really like it really hot either so she says it is always hot, just different degrees of hot.

Personally I don’t mind the warm weather and since I don’t have to crawl through vessels and boilers in the middle of the summer wearing coveralls and a full-face respirator like I did in my former job a hot day here feels hot but not that hot.

Here is the forecast for the next few days

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 9.53.00 PMYes that says it will feel like 46 C (115 F) on Saturday. That is sit-in-the-shade-with-sweat-slowly-running-down-your-back-hot. That is hot even for me and since we don’t have central air (or any air conditioning for that matter) either in our house or at my office we have to just deal with it.

So how do we deal it?
–       sit still, very still
–       stay in the shade
–       run very early in this morning
–       sit in front of a fan
–       drink plenty of cool liquids
–       go shop in the air conditioned grocery store
–       pray for cloudy afternoons
–       go for a drive in the air conditioned car
–       sleep on a water bed with a fan blowing at you
–       shower a few times a day
–       find a pool to soak in

and even if you do all these things sometimes you still sit and just sweat.

So to answer your question; yes it is hot in Haiti, even Haitians tell me that it is, and we are thankful that we have fans, and electricity to power them and water to shower and access to a pool if we want but in the middle of the day out in the sun………….it is still hot, stinking hot.

2 thoughts on “It is Getting Hot Hot Hot

  1. Somehow, I never minded it as well! Where I was, only harmattan winds… sandy, dusty winds… gave us some cool relief. Then there was thick dust in the house everywhere. In the school there were no glass windows, so imagine…dust, sand , bugs.. We had hot days most of the time. That is why we started to get students up at 5:30, do chores and classes at 7a.m. until 9.. quick stop for a piece of dry white bread and a cup of diluted chocomilk…back to class until 11:30 or 12..siesta until 4 and quite often study hours until 10pm… it got dark at 6… so bush lamps… no light in the dormitories. Sometimes we had a generator working, sometimes not…never depend on electricity… By the way I talked with your sister Wilma and Doreen two days ago… in Walmart. Wilma had just come back from Korea and seemed stil quite jet lagged! We got three drops of rain… last night here… things are drying up… but it will not be like you there. gary experiences very hot days in Thailand most days. No AC but electricity for a fan. I do think now he has purchased a small AC for the bedroom. And so our experiences and lives continue …it is certainly a wonderful world we live in eh? lainey

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