It’s A Fluff Post (we are talking about cats)

Over the years we have had a couple of different cats. Our first cat came to us shortly after we were married and it lived many years with us. The second was our daughter’s cat and now here in Haiti we have a small cat army occupying our house and yard.

A number of years ago Samuel asked when he could have a pet. My reply was “if we ever move to Haiti you can have kittens”, thinking there was a good chance that wouldn’t happen. Well…..

When we moved into our house we noticed 2 cats hanging around the yard who would come and go as they wished. Tracey was quite convinced we should befriend them and feed them and keep them around for out-door mice / rat / large insect control.  We do feed them and they have a spot to sleep in the carport and we have yet to see anything bigger than a lizard alive in the house or yard so they seem to be holding up their side of the deal.


Our outside rat patrol

Originally our house had no screens on any of the doors so there was no way to contain kittens in the house, in fact the outside cats were found in the house at one point so we told Samuel we would get kittens once the screens were in place. A typical Saturday morning would start with Samuel asking if I would get all the screens on that day.

Once the screens were in place we asked around if anyone knew of someone who had kittens. Finally we heard through a colleague about some kittens in town. The next day we went to check them out and a few weeks later Samuel brought home these two fur balls,


Salty on the left Carmel on the right

a brother and sister pair that look similar. Samuel thought they should stay together because they would probably miss each other if separated.


DSCN1087IMG-20130405-00623IMG-20130329-00586IMG-20130323-00576I never thought our family would ever have four cats. I know people who have more than a couple cats and between you and me I think they are a little strange (you know who you are 🙂 ). We do hope that when these felines grow up they will live up to our expectations and keep the mice, rats and insects out of our house but for now they do what kittens do best…..


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