What I Learned Yesterday – Pretty Big Adoption News

Do you know what I learned yesterday?
That this …….

Numero 55 paru le 1er Avril 2013
• Arrêtés autorisant l’adoption des mineurs suivants:
– Woodleyson JEAN

…. means that the President of Haiti’s office signed off on the dispensation our file needed so that the adoption of this little guy

DSCN1166can continue.

Wednesday was a holiday here (Labour and Agriculture Day) so we went with Samuel to visit Leyson.  While we were there we met a couple who were in Haiti for their court appearance.  We found out that they too needed a dispensation and that their file went to that office the same time that ours did.  For them to be in Haiti meant that they had received the dispensation already.  We chatted for a while and they let us know about an online Haitian government publication where all legal notices are posted and all dispensations must also be published.  Fiinally late yesterday we found the website and figured out where and what we were looking for with the intent of be able to check it every day for news about Leyson.

Later on Tracey went back to the site and just started browsing in the archives and was shocked to discover that Leyson’s file received its dispensation stamp from the president’s office on April 1st! 8 months after it entered.

This is a huge step forward because now IBESR (Social Services) approval is simply a rubber stamp and from there on the rest of the places and desks the file needs to go to are, at present (though that can change tomorrow), moving along relatively quickly.

We also know that the date that the notification is published and the date one exits IBESR is varying.  We know that recently one person found out the same day, for another couple it was 2 weeks and still a few other families have been waiting seven weeks so far and it appears that we fall into that last group as it has now been over a month from the date ours was printed.

This online publication step is very important because even though the file may have received the official signature needed for the dispensation, if it is not published it will not be approved later on in one of the court steps.

So here is where we are at now:
– We have received the needed waiver of the current law, the dispensation, to continue the adoption process.  With this IBESR does not do much more than a final check through to make sure all the paperwork is in order and that nothing suspicious pops up.
– Now we wait for the orphanage to receive notice that the file has exited IBESR.  It is after this that the file enters all of the legal (court) steps.
– Before it can enter the court system, we must appear in court to prove that we have met the child and that our understanding about the child is as we have been told (this step was added since Samuel’s adoption because there was an increased number of families who, after all was said and done, came to pick up their child/ren and discovered they had been misled about any number of things – age, mental or physical health and development etc.
– After this the file will go to the district attorney’s office or Parquet, it’s first stop in the legal system.

Leyson will be allowed to come home to us after the act of adoption has been signed, which is still a few stops down the road.

We are thankful God has answered our prayers for this stage of the process and now we will wait for the next stage to be completed. We don’t know how long that will take but we are hopeful things can now move along.

Thanks for your continued support as we continue on this journey.

One thought on “What I Learned Yesterday – Pretty Big Adoption News

  1. Congratulations on receiving the dispensation! Praying for blessings on the next stages of the adoption process. Steve

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