What I Learned Today – April 29

Our time in Haiti has been one learning experience after another. It is like being in the school of Haiti Culture and Language everyday. Some of this learning comes from our colleagues here, some from Haitian nationals who I work with or work for us and some from just getting out in the city and country and experiencing life. Many of these experiences are subtle, (like learning how to avoid the other driver), while others have been less subtle (like how long it takes to do any type of banking).

When our older kids were in grade school there were days I would come home from work and ask “so what did you learn at school today?” Sometimes I would get a blank stare or most often an “I don’t know”. Samuel gets the same question from time-to-time and not to out-do his siblings his reaction and answers are pretty much the same.

So we decided to ask ourselves the question “what did you learn today” and let you in on something new we have learned each week; something that we picked up along the way and hopefully give you a better sense of what we are learning as we travel this new road.

Do you know what I learned today?
That this …….

DSCN1164costs $4.00 US

Tracey does most of the grocery shopping and usually buys 1 litre cartons of juice (the most common way for juice to be purchased and they range from $2-3 each which I also clued into today) but today I pulled this orange juice out of the our freezer. Tracey had picked up for me to try and while I know that most grocery items cost much more here than in Canada I was floored to find out this was $4.00.

I believe I will savor each sip.

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