A Visit

This week we drove for 30 minutes (great timing) up the mountain about 12 kilometers to God’s Littlest Angels.

If you have read our blog before you have probably noticed a photo of our youngest son on the side bar.

Nov 4

You could say that this son of ours is our ‘surprise!’ child. We thought we were finished having children until October 2011 when we found out that Samuel’s little brother had been relinquished to the orphanage and we were approached to see if we would consider adopting again. We have been on another adoption journey since then.

So while moving to Haiti means that we are not able to see our older children nearly as often as we would like, it does mean that we can visit with our youngest child about once a month while we wait for our file to move through the system of approvals.

Visits are kind of a bittersweet experience which have become even more so as the last couple of times Leyson has decided that he wants nothing to do with Larry (and this time not Samuel either); though this week I think he wasn’t feeling very well because he fell asleep.

These photos look so ‘awww’ like. Right?



The story behind the pics:  He fell asleep on me and when he was totally out we slowly moved him to Larry and then Samuel so that they could both hold him without a screaming tantrum.

Not a great visit.

We still have no idea how long this adoption will take. Right now our file is held up waiting for a presidential dispensation. What we do know is that the longer Leyson is institutionalized (this is not saying anything bad about GLA; it is a super place for him to be) the harder our work will be when he finally comes home.

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