About Us

Hello we are Larry and Tracey Luth and along with two of our children, Samuel and Leyson, we have been living in Port-au-Prince Haiti since October 2012 where Lafamily photo crwmrry works for Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) as a Youth and Leadership Consultant. We invite you to read about our vision, the work Larry is involved with, and follow along with us on our blog page. Please visit our blog postings to read some of the story of how we got to this place in our lives and what our journey in Haiti looks like.

Our Vision

We feel strongly committed to and passionate for the country and people of Haiti. For several years we felt that God was leading us to ministry in Haiti. God used a season of waiting to stretch and shape us in order to prepare us for His timing to join Him in the Kingdom transforming work He is accomplishing in Haiti. We are excited to be involved in this ministry opportunity and are delighted to be able to share with people in North America how God is at work in Haiti. Our vision is to see young Haitian Christians using their God-given gifts as strong servant leaders and agents of restorative transformation in their churches, families, and communities.

The Work

Larry is collaborating with some of our national partner organizations using CRWM supported programs to help equip young men and women for leadership and service in their churches and communities. Our hope is that through these young Christian leaders real transformation happens in their communities, churches and families.

Larry is working to see this accomplished by:

• assisting partners to develop leadership development programs that empower youth to identify real community problems and work together toward creative solutions while learning four broad learning objectives: active citizenship, social entrepreneurship, employability, and leadership

• walking alongside our partners and strengthening their capacity through encouragement, consultation, training and strategic plan development

• providing support to our CRWM supported programs, Strategies of Transformation and Timothy Leadership Training, through funding, networking and consultation

• promoting north – south partnerships with supporting churches and individuals that lead to mutually shared goals and contributes toward the learning of both parties.


2 thoughts on “About Us

    • I was going to mark this comment as spam and delete it but as a considered your comment further I decided it required a response partly because I wanted to understand what you are trying to say a little more.
      Is it guilt that brought us here. No. I suppose we could have stayed where we were and supported Haitian from there but as Christians we felt God was telling us we were to be in Haiti for a while.
      Are we really helping people, I don’t know. Most of my work is encouraging and supporting my amazing and talented Haitian colleagues in the work they are doing. Does that help them, I think so, and they tell me that as well and it allows them to help Haitians and me to get out of the way.
      Is it because of the color of their skin. No. I believe God made us all and it doesn’t matter who we are or what we look like we are all deserving of respect and dignity. I hope I offer that to whomever I work with.

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